sustainable cotton from the high plains of Texas

About us

In short, we are a 6th generation West Texas family cotton farm.

Who We Are

We are a growing team, dedicated to farming sustainable cotton in a profitable way.


All of our work is collaborative. These partners help us do it all.

About Us

At Wilmeth Farms, our mission is to be impactful stewards of the land for the short time it is in our care.We do this by farming Pima cotton with the latest regenerative and sustainable practices.Our goal is to work directly with brands to provide a climate-friendly fiber that can be traced from farm to shelf.This allows clothing brands to label their products as sustainable, regenerative, and certified by various organizations.And this gives us a higher price for what we grow.Interested?Email Sterling Terrell: sterling[AT]wilmethfarms[DOT]com

Who We Are

Connor Wilmeth
Email: connor[AT]wilmethfarms[DOT]com
Sterling Terrell
Trading Manager
Email: sterling[AT]wilmethfarms[DOT]com
Robert Wright
Agronomy Manager
Email: robert[AT]wilmethfarms[DOT]com
Nolan Johnson
Field Operations Manager
Email: nolan[AT]wilmethfarms[DOT]com
If you are interested in joining the team, send your C.V. to Connor, along with the answer to one question:"What exceptional work have you done?"(i.e., Tell us about a piece of work you are most proud of.)

Send mail to:Wilmeth Farms
PO Box 599
Ralls, TX 79357


This is the section where we are looking to grow.How can we work together in a way that benefits us both?We are members of, or associated with:Gowan Seed
National Cotton Council
Plains Cotton Growers
Playa Lake Farm & Ranch
U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol
Texas Farm Bureau